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While many Consulting Firms sell theory and "strategy", great ideas are only about 20% of the solution.

It's all about Execution.

We've built a proven system to help accelerate innovations to the market with leading Sales & Marketing practices.

Our world-class team is on a mission to help your business reach its potential, and bring you the financial success you deserve.
Espresso V Team

Our experts help bring the vision to execution. 

On Demand Advisors
Sebastien Leduc

Managing Partner

Team Tropics 🌴


A lifelong Entrepreneur and prolific Advisor, Sebastien is involved in more than a dozen startups at any given time, the majority of them being B2B SaaS from Seed to Series B stages. Since graduation from HEC Montreal in 2009 (Management BAA), he’s been passionate about the Client Journey, from Sales and Customer Success perspectives. He helps teams build Sales processes to scale growth, having led Sales & Marketing departments for several years in both Enterprise and SMB cycles. Managing Partner at Espresso V, he’s an accredited investor and member of multiple Canadian and South East US accelerators. Sebastien is an avid real estate enthusiast in Canada and Florida.

Victor-Antoine Gauthier

Enterprise Sales Advisor

Team North 🏔️

Passionate SaaS Sales Executive with strong entrepreneurial experience in distribution of new brands amongst established regional networks. Helping companies improve Sales processes and jumping head first in resolving some of the biggest bottlenecks by tactical experimentation. Strong suite includes contract negotiation, enterprise sales and complex deal management. Victor is also a real estate enthusiast with several investments in the Montreal region.

Naomi Massana

Executive Administrator

Team Tropics 🌴

Naomi helps make everyday magic happen by supporting EspressoV management. She brings extensive entrepreneurship experience to her role, being involved first-hand in some of EspressoV's ventures in HR and management. She is an accredited investor and participates in selected investments.

Standley Hooper

On Demand Advisor

Team North 🏔️

Stan has been involved with EspressoV for 2+ years, with Sales assignments in the GTA (Toronto) region for Quebec-based innovations. He ​has worked in Sales Leadership roles (Softchoice) along with Sebastien Leduc for several years prior to jumping into the startup world, which he now enjoys all the while bringing the dozen years of enterprise discipline to successfully bring new solutions to the market.

Sheena Porras

Sales Development Representative

Team Tropics 🌴

Sheena is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication who is looking to pursue business law. She is actively working in remote B2B Sales for several years, serving the US market, notably the South East US region. Her multiple experiences in real estate sales and SaaS help her approach each project with creative thinking about optimal routes for successful prospecting. Sheena is also an entrepreneur, having run a small family business successfully until during the pandemic.

Patricia Bautista

Sales Development Representative

Team Tropics 🌴

Patricia cumulates years of SaaS Sales, having occupied business development roles in a variety of projects ranging from Enterprise clients in the US to fast paced startup environments. She is a seasoned representative for most US markets and has also led several teams into successful campaigns. Pat is very dynamic, loves everything tech and always makes a great conversation!

I saw some palm trees. I took a picture._edited.jpg
Eleanor Duyugan

Sales Development Representative

Team Tropics 🌴

Eleanor is a problem solver, critical thinker and a strong team player. She has had leadership roles in customer success and cumulates years of successful business development in B2B sales. Tech-savvy and creative, Eleanor loves creating and implementing sales plans, meeting sales goals while monitoring activity progress, analyzing sales data, and collaborating with her team members for collective success.

Zack Brown

Sales Advisor

Team North 🏔️

Zack is an invaluable SaaS sales expert and one of the top leaders in his field in Eastern Canada. He was instrumental in bringing Lightspeed POS from a dozen employees to 500+ employees prior the IPO, leading revenue generating activities with a VP of Sales role.​ Today, he is scaling another startup in a similar fashion, proving he is indeed "Mr Make It Repeatable".

Marc-Olivier Langlois

Sales Advisor

Team North 🏔️

Marc-Olivier comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has been perfecting his Sales Leadership skills for 7 years at Ceridian, where he's had an impressive journey from individual contributor to District Vice President. He brings deep knowledge of enterprise sales cycles and software industry.​

Ian Selvarajah

Technical Advisor

Team North 🏔️

Ian is an IT solutions subject matter expert. While he's had a very successful career in several leadership roles in large enterprise, he's also experimented several entrepreneurial ventures, including investing in international real estate and being part of the co-founding team of a successful e-commerce brand.

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